Intro to creating bath and body products

A short video highlight – creating bath and body products at Akenehi

This blog will be a combination of articles, videos, getting to knowing us, and an exploration into random topics. For the first video, we just wanted to give you a little glimpse at the process of creating some of our men’s and women’s bath and body products.

Small batch creation

We believe in creating our bath and body products in small batches so we can center on the quality of each and every batch. Each batch is handmade this is why you may see slight variations in coloring, design, etc. This is an important part of our business strategy. We believe that when items become mass produced they lose their charm and the intimacy and pride that should come in making something important for another individual.  We are a  small business that makes top quality, unique bath and body products that are as unique and original as those who use them.  Akenehi products are created in our studio right here in NY.

Bath and Body Products

Our bath and body product line is full of amazing products that appeal to both men and women. We have 4 different collections, one for the guys, one for the girls, and two that are good for either. The scents and fragrances are unique and unlike other bath and body products. Our product line includes all the bath time essentials as well as grooming and personal care products. Lotions, soaps, skin care, beard & shaving, and so much more.


The scents we use in our products have been created to be as unique as the people who use them. We have created these scents to empower you to feel confident and bring out the best in you. When you feel good about yourself, you put off vibes of confidence. We hope to bring this feeling to you with your everyday use of our products.

This is our passion and we love sharing it with others. As always we welcome any and all comments, we look forward to hearing from you. Welcome to Akenehi!

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